truzzt Alliance

The truzzt Alliance is made up of the founding partners IONOS, Eviden (Atos) and GmbH. The goal is to create a reliable infrastructure for interoperable data spaces based on European values.

Together with the International Data Spaces Association (IDSA), the truzzt Alliance is building up a Base Camp ecosystem for Data Spaces.

IDSA Base Camp

The IDSA Base Camp is a software distribution of components to build and operate an IDS Data Space. It’s a project build from an OSS repository which integrates contributions from differnet projects to allow us to work on a common code basis which:

  • makes it easy for data spaces to work on a basis of integrated components which are proven in productive environments
  • allows all contributors to participate from the learnings and also investements from other projects

The goal is to enable developers, testbeds and productive systems to be able to work on a common basis and leverage the power of many to constantly improve the code set whilst maintaining the highest level of interoperability.

At the same time the efforts of project teams can shift from setup and integration of basic services towards the value of creating use cases. It includes experiences from commercial operators with validated security, scalability and maintainability requirements and is used in productive environments.

It does not contain any proprietary elements and the project is available to all parties willing to contribute. It can be extended with additional components and services (like onboarding workflows, integration with ID or certificate providers, testbeds, different type of connectors). 

Data Spaces built according to the IDSA specifications are growing in numbers and complexity. The Basecamp initiative is working towards the creation of an integrated and tested set of OSS components which can be used in pilot as well as in productive environments, leveraging the experience and from contributions of projects in all stages of the lifecycle. 

Fast adoption of IDSA Data Spaces:

  • Simplify the setup of Data Spaces by providing a mature set of easy-to-deploy and integrated infrastructure components.
  • The code base should embrace contributions from productive projects and address a high technical readiness level. This creates environments for the full lifecycle: Incubation, Testbeds, Production.
  • Open Source Software without commercial restrictions; enforcing Data Space interoperability.

IDSA Base Camp Ecosystem

This is not just a concept! It is available and already working. With our Quick-Start Guide you can try it right now:

Following each step allows you to setup and run a demo data space for understanding how the Base Camp ecosystem works.