truzzt Alliance

We work with international, innovative companies to create, develop and promote universal, open standards. This enables the creation, connection and management of data rooms – regardless of country, network, brand or function. This creates a consistent, secure trust experience that opens up new opportunities for users at all levels.

The goals of the truzzt Alliance

From SMEs to large enterprises, European companies are striving for a digital economy in line with European values. This requires both: a standard that technically enables scalable, trustworthy data exchange, and industrial partners that work on the basis of ecosystems. 

The goal of the truzzt Alliance is to be this home for all interested partners to create and stimulate the ecosystem spirit, while supporting the dissemination of the IDSA standard. 

What can you expect from the Alliance?

How to get involved

All partners can get involved in the way that works best for them and get the benefits they need. We have created four roles that reflect the different abilities and needs. For example, a service provider has different offers than engineering firms or universities.

truzzt Partner

Benefit as part of their own product/service offering and are involved in the design of the product.

truzzt Promoter

Mainly NGOs, associations or academic institutions.

truzzt Participant

Consultants, lawyers, auditors.

truzzt Adopter

Commercial Users, Supporters, Media Partners


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