truzzt box

How does the truzzt box work?

The selection of the truzzt box with the desired specifications is possible after successful verification of the identity.

With the cloud provider, a virtual machine (pocket computing system) is created with a Kubernetes cluster (open-source system) based on the desired parameters.

An important advantage of this system is the ability to transfer the cloud infrastructure to other physical environments.

Die truzzt box verfügt über ein Dashboard, welches die Verwaltung und Organisation der digitalen Identitäten, persönlicher Daten, Connectoren und Data Spaces ermöglicht. Ausserdem kann über das Dashboard auf den Cloud Storage zugegriffen werden.

In addition to the standard features, this Nextcloud storage implemented in the truzzt box also has the high data security aspects of the truzzt box, including all encryption and authentication technologies.

Inside the truzzt box, a CaaS (Connector as a Service) is requested, in which the respective data offers can be uploaded and provided. A variety of additional connectors can be added as needed.

This allows data to be shared with partners. The desired usage policies that restrict or manage access to data offerings are set in the dashboard.

It is possible to share the personal truzzt box and the connector with other users and thus adjust the respective usage permissions individually.

The truzzt Connector-as-a-Service (CaaS)

The truzzt connector is provided via the truzzt box. It offers the possibility to connect quickly, easily and securely with connectors of other data spaces. 

The truzzt CaaS is based on the Eclipse Dataspace Components (EDC), which meet the latest standards for secure and interoperable data exchange. 

The truzzt CaaS also offers important functions that are needed for the implementation of use cases in the data room.

What are the advantages of the truzzt box?

Cloud Storage

Adherence to standards

Variety of features and apps


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