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truzzt is an initiative dedicated to the creation and operation of secure, trusted, and interoperable data spaces. It offers an Infrastructure-as-a-Service solution that enables networked companies and enterprises to digitize their business models and participate in data ecosystems. The truzzt Alliance is a collaboration between IONOS, Eviden and Orbiter Dataspace and uses Intel SGX technology for the most secure data operations.

Our Products

Security based on IDSA Standard
Manage your digital identities
Pocket Space computing

Wir verbinden Data Spaces mit Cloud Computing und ermöglichen Ihnen einen einfachen, sicheren Zugang zu Daten und Computing-Ressourcen, unabhängig davon, wo Sie sich befinden und welches Gerät Sie verwenden. Die truzzt box ist Ihr personlicher virtueller Computer, ein Connector as-a-Service (CaaS) und der sicherste, verfügbare Cloud-Speicher.

IDSA certified Data Spaces
Compatible with other Data Spaces
Testing Environment

Eröffnen Sie Ihren eigenen IDSA-zertifizierten Data Space in wenigen Minuten, mit der truzzt Port Data Space as-a-Service (DaaS) Infastruktur.
Die truzzt Port Data Space Infrastrukur basiert auf den truzzt box Funktionalitäten und bietet Kompatibilität zu anderen Data Spaces.

truzzt Alliance

We work with international, innovative companies to create, develop and promote universal, open standards. This enables the creation, connection and management of data rooms – regardless of country, network, brand or function. Through this, we create a consistent, secure trust experience that opens up new opportunities for users at all levels. 

Was ist ein Data Space

A data space is an IT structure that enables the secure and sovereign exchange of data between different players involved in a business transaction. There are two types of data spaces: local and digital. Physical data spaces are physical rooms in which data is stored in folders and can be viewed by authorized persons. Digital data spaces are online platforms that allow access to the documents via the internet without the parties having to be in a specific location Digital data spaces offer more flexibility, efficiency and security than fixed locations. They are therefore an important building block for digital transformation and the development of new business models.

What we offer

Trust Anchor

An anchor of trust is a type of technology or process designed to build or reinforce trust between two or more parties. It creates a starting point that enables all parties involved to be aware of the identity of their counterpart at all times. Similar to how a person is recognized in a conversation about appearance, behavior or voice and thus confirms their identity, an anchor of trust allows the same reliability of confirmation on the internet.

Data Traceability

Data traceability refers to the ability to track and prove the origin as well as the usage of data. The data provider wants to be able to ensure and determine who is allowed to do what with their data in a data space, under what conditions – and who exactly is not allowed to do so. They also want transparency about what actually happens to their data when it is shared – data traceability is essential.

Data Sovereignty

Data sovereignty is the ability of an individual or company to have control over their own data and how it is used. This includes the ability to decide what data is collected, how it is stored, who has access to it and how it is used. The concept of data sovereignty allows for complete, self-determined control over the collection, storage, use and processing of one's own data.

truzzt box

Data is inextricably linked to terms of use. Data sovereignty determines who has access to data. Thanks to data traceability, it is guaranteed what happens to the data. The Anchor of Trust ensures that only verified partners can access your data. Data Spaces prevent data theft and data loss because data is constantly stored in encrypted form. Data, documents, photos and more, available anytime, anywhere. With the truzzt box, you can see everything at a glance and have access wherever you are. truzzt also has no access to personal data, the control is always yours. This is what we call European data sovereignty. As a verified user, you'll always know who you're dealing with. We give you the security of always knowing that your counterpart is who they claim to be. No more fear of data theft, personal data always remains encrypted and safe in the truzzt box.

truzzt Port

Data Spaces zielen auf eine virtuelle Integration physisch verteilter Daten. Im Wesentlichen sollen die Daten dort belassen werden, wo sie anfallen und verwaltet werden. Es ist kein gemeinsames Datenbankschema vorgesehen, man versucht keine schematische Integration zu erreichen. 
Data Spaces als Datenintegrationskonzept sehen vor, dass die Integration auf der semantischen Ebene erfolgt. Aus diesem Grund ist es wichtig, dass es Vokabulare gibt, um Interoperabilität zwischen den Daten aus verteilten Datenbanken sicherzustellen. Die Eigenschaft von Data Spaces ist, dass wir nicht zwingend eine „Single Source of Truth“ haben, nicht zuletzt, weil Data Spaces sehr verteilte Architekturen sind. Die truzzt Port Data Spaces können in sich selbst verschachtelt sein. Man kann sich vorstellen, dass man ineinander verschachtelte Räume aus Datenräumen bilden kann, die in sich überlappend sind.

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