truzzt Port

The truzzt Port

The truzzt Port is a concept that allows companies to connect and use different services via a common interface. It offers a data room as a cloud-based service that can be used by various applications or workflows without the need for installation or configuration.

What is the truzzt Port?

The truzzt Port offers a modular system for secure IDSA and GAIA-X compatible data rooms. truzzt offers consulting, architecture, implementation, testing and certification of data rooms. Another example of a DaaS is the Mobility Data Space, which is operated by truzzt. The Mobility Data Space aims to bring together data from national access points (NAPs) and mobility providers together with contextually relevant, static and real-time data in one marketplace. The Mobility Data Space is based on international standards such as IDSA and Gaia-X, which ensure secure, interoperable and legally compliant data exchange. 

What are the advantages of the truzzt Port?

What does the truzzt Port offer?